Lawn Aeration

Grass is like any other plant and therefore abundant amounts of water, sunlight, and oxygen are needed for a healthy and rich lawn. Part of living in Canada includes months of below freezing weather, and worst of all, snow. That being said, the winter weather will compact your soil, therefore preventing water, sunlight, and oxygen from reaching your lawn’s root system. In short, once the winter season is over, and you’re beginning to think about your lawn again, aeration is a must. It is the first step to a healthier lawn and here are Five Star reasons why:

• Breaks Soil Compaction

A healthy root system is six to eight inches deep, and to encourage this growth your soil must be loose for the nutrients like water to penetrate through your lawn. Aerating your lawn in spring will loosen the soil by breaking down the compaction. Contrary to appearances, we are not simply poking holes; we are coring thousands of pieces of soil out of your lawn. Poking holes will only further create soil compaction.

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$35 /and up

• Drought Resilient

Our summers can bring extreme heat and occur with absence of rain water. This can lead to burning out your lawn and leaving it with a yellow-brownish look which is not appealing. The spring aeration along with much needed spring rain will provide sufficient amounts of water to be stored in the rooting system. This will ensure that your lawn will stay crisp and green throughout the year.

•Thatch Removal

Thatch accumulates over time by large amounts of grass clippings, over watering and over fertilization. A thatch layer that is greater than ½ an inch will suffocate your lawn. Aerating will break up thatch immediately and second, the soil microbes become more active and that digests thatch much quicker.

•Weed and Insect Resistant

Both weeds and insects thrive off of bare patches, weak turf or areas with excess thatch. The aftermath of aerating will promote a healthier and stronger turf due to your lawn’s rooting system interconnecting with each other and crowding out any growth of weeds. This provides a barrier for weed growth and fights against insect infestation.

•Cost Efficiency

The aeration will end up saving you more money than it will cost you to perform. First you will save more money on your hydro bill because you will not need to water your lawn as much. Second in addition to the natural nutrients reaching the rooting system of your lawn, the aeration leaves great pockets for fertilizer to do same, allowing you to get more bang for your buck. Finally, overseeding your lawn is expensive these days and without aerating first, the seeds are prone to erode during showers or be eaten by wildlife. Why waste your investment when you can increase the effectiveness of it by simply aerating.

Note: After aerating your lawn, you should water your lawn heavily if there is no expected rainfall because now that your lawn is freshly opened, water can seep deeply into your soil and extend your lawn’s root system.