Pressure Washing

Mud, pollen, mildew, dried grass clippings, and the greasy film from air pollution can cover everything in sight around your property. The pressure washer makes short work of tough cleaning jobs and solves other problems such as removing flaking or blistered paint.

There is not much too it. We will be using a 4000 PSI Commercial grade pressure washer do clean various surfaces. Aside from an aesthetic appeal to whatever we are cleaning, we recommend that a majority of your home and landscaping be pressure washed every 2 – 3 years. The reason for this is so that mould, stains, bacteria and other substances do not damage your biggest investments.

Here is a list of potential areas of your home you might consider to be pressure washed:

Driveways / Interlocking / Walkways / Patios / All Forms of Concrete / Decks / Fences / House Sidings / Lawn Furniture / Garage Doors / Vehicles / Eavestroughs / Much More