Lawn Rejuvenation Package

If you are tired of paying lawn care companies to simply fertilize and weed control your lawn and seeing no results or your lawn is hanging on for dear life, then it is time to do what is needed for your lawn. Our Lawn Revitalization Package services everything your lawn needs to stay healthy.

1st: We Dethatch or Power Rake your lawn to remove all thatch and debris off your lawn. This way your lawn can breathe and provide a healthy breeding ground for new grass seed to germinate, as it makes contact with the soil.

2nd: We apply a fresh layer of First Harvest seed on your lawn.

3rd: We coat the seed with a ½ inch thickness of weed-free top soil spread evenly throughout the lawn.

4th: Apply another layer of First Harvest seed which is raked through the lawn

This Rejuvenation Package will include a FREE Lawn Aeration, to ensure the new soil mixes well with the old soil and more importantly, provides a protective barrier and ideal breeding ground for the First Harvest Seed to germinate. If necessary, we will also mow the lawn FREE of charge.

Remember, the foundation of your lawn is soil and regardless of what you do your lawn, if your lawn’s foundation is poor or not replenished regularly, your lawn will suffer to the hands of weeds and other infestations over and over again.

Additionally, if you are simply looking for someone to top dress your lawn, instead of ordering yards of soil and spending your weekend outside clearing your driveway, we can help with that too.