Before sodding or re-sodding, ensure that your irrigation system or utility lines and pipes are buried at least 1.5 feet or more. If you are unsure about your utility lines, please call 3-1-1 for assistance.

The Re-Sodding Process:

1st: Using a sod cutter, we will remove 1 ½ inch of sod and dispose of it in a waste bin (Ensure you have your driveway is cleared for our waste bin).

2nd: Once everything is cleared, we will till your lawn to bury any weeds or remaining root systems.

3rd: The tilled soil will be levelled out and graded away from the home.

4th: Next we will install the fresh, moist sod. The sod will be staggered to limit the sod from shifting and it will enhance its ability to bond with each other.

5th: Finally the sod will be rolled out to ensure it bonds well with the soil. We will then advise you the homeowner to water your lawn for at least the next 10 days for at least 15 minutes each time, to keep the sod most and healthy.