All grass seed in the industry may seem the same, but we take great pride in the product we provide our valued homeowners. We go out of our way and travel to Hamilton to provide “1st harvest seed”. To keep it simple, our seed grows in virgin soil; therefore the soil the seed develops in is rich in nutrients and organic matter. Our seed has the highest rate of germinating because most other seeds are 4th and 5th harvest seeds and are grown in low nutrient soils.

Tip #1: Always have your lawn aerated prior to overseeding. If you disregard aerating, your investment will sit on top of the lawn and it will literally be blown away. Your seed will be susceptible to erosion and a picnic for birds and animals.

Tip #2: To maximize the potential of your overseeding investment, apply topdressing with your seed to provide a rich, nutrient environment for germination to occur.

Tip #3: Once your application of seed has been spread, water your lawn immediately to moisten your seed and for the seed to make initial contact with the lawn.